Novelty Condos Amenities

Our apartments provide effortless living with lifts and staircases for easy access. Backup generators ensure uninterrupted power supply. Safety is paramount, with multiple security measures, including security check posts, 24/7 guards, CCTV cameras, fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, and fire alarms. We offer fully serviced apartments and facility management for everyday needs, from food delivery to laundry and maintenance services. Apartment owners gain exclusive Novelty Community Club Membership, enhancing their health and social lives. Dedicated kids' play areas throughout the facility provide safety and entertainment for young residents.

Customized Furnishing

Facility Management

CCTV Cameras

Smoke Detectors

Food Delivery

3-Bedroom Apartments

Security Check Post



Kids Play Areas


Fire Extinguishers


24/7 Security Guards


Backup Generators

Furnished Apartments

Garbage Disposal

Fire Alarms

Fully Serviced Apartments

Novelty Club Family Membership

Novelty Club Amenities

Novelty Community Club is the vibrant heart of our residential community, pulsing with energy and style. From luxurious pool facilities and state-of-the-art gym spaces to engaging playgrounds and recreational courts, we offer it all. Relax in our salons, unwind in dedicated lounges, or tend to your professional needs in the conference room. Satisfy your cravings at our cafe and open-air restaurant, or shop at the grocery store, where fresh produce ensures quality. Our community park and landscaped areas invite serenity. Families with toddlers have a dedicated space, and our multipurpose hall hosts events and community gatherings. Non-resident members find convenient parking outside. A local Mosque is nearby for spiritual fulfilment. At Novelty Community Club, we cultivate a thriving community where life is in full bloom.


Jogging Tracks

Athletic Wear Store

Guest Houses

Conference Room

Open Air Restaurant

Separate Lounges

Green Parks

Game Room

A local Mosque

Gym Facilities

Futsal Court

Cricket Practice Nets

Salons for Men & Women


Toddlers Section

Playground for Kids

Green Parks

Tennis Court

Grocery Store

Badminton Court